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More features that make

        businesses competitive.

                                              A touchscreen panel that’s bright and intuitive.

                                              From the moment you touch the tablet-like 7” Color Touchscreen Interface
                                              (TSI), you’ll understand how to make the most of all its features and business
                                              applications. Navigate using a highly visual, colorful display that allows page
                                              scrolling, horizontal sliding, pinch-to-zoom, and drag-and-drop. It’s familiar,
                                              straightforward and easy to use. The CS 308ci comes with numerical keypad.
              CS 508ci / 408ci / 358ci  control panel

        The most persuasive                   Paper handling                        More possibilities with

        presentations are in color.           with flexibility.                     more finishing options.

        This is business color output at its   Handle your printing needs in-house   This multifunctional printer goes
        best. True 1200 x 1200 dpi print      with a wide range of paper handling   beyond printing and scanning,
        resolution makes everything you print   options. Choose from finishing      expanding to meet the exact needs
        crisp, colorful and vivid. Charts are   options and paper feeders that can   of your business at any stage. Choose
        easier to understand. Data comes      accommodate up to 3,100 sheets        from a range of paper handling and
        to life. Presentations highlight your   of plain, bond, recycled, cardstock,   finishing options, from a space-
        competitive advantage right from the   transparencies, labels or envelopes   saving 300-sheet internal finisher
        start. Take advantage of high-quality,   (60-200 gsm). This means long,     to a professional-grade finisher that
        affordable color to make all your ideas   uninterrupted print runs can be done   staples and hole-punches up to 3,200
        stand out and get the attention and   right from your desktop, saving you   sheets. These powerful add-ons help
        accolades they deserve.               time and money.                       you to tailor every job down to the
                                                                                    last detail.

                                 As compact as you need it to be.

                                 In many offices, space is tight. The CS 508ci Series fits right into your office with its
                                 compact size. Its small size belies its power to maximize your employees’ productivity. And,
                                 once your needs change, you can easily add output and finishing options to get the exact
                                 results you’re looking for.

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